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Information on Hair Extensions and Installation

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the MOST POPULAR and easiest to use, since you can clip them in yourself in less than 10 minutes.

With clip-ins, you can add volume and length to your hair instantly and easily. You simply lift a section of hair, attach the clip to the root and cover it with your hair. Each clip has a silicon strip for maximum hold. They are undetectable once applied.

This type of extension gives you the freedom to wear them and remove them whenever you want. They also look remarkably natural. The semi-permanent technique lasts 8 to 12 months.

One pack contains 8 to 11 clipped pieces of 100% human hair that are sufficient for a full head.

Suitable for very fine to very thick hair. Your most affordable and versatile option.

Recommendation: Fine hair (8 pieces), thick hair (11 pieces). Some pieces are doubled.

If you have thick hair, available are packages that have been doubled. Certain pieces are doubled for a thicker effect. Since more hair is necessary to do this, these packages are more expensive.

Care: To extend the life of your clip-ins and protect your scalp, be sure to remove them every night before going bed. Sleeping with clip-ins can result in hair loss due to friction at the point of contact with the clip. NOT RECOMMENDED!

Do not wash your clip-in extensions more than once a month; wash only as needed. Over-washing hair extensions can damage them prematurely. For additional tips, consult our section on RECOMMENDED CARE.

Tape-in Hair Extensions (Adhesive Strips)

Tape-in hair extensions are fast, simple and require no heat. This permanent technique is ideal for fine hair and can be done by our professionals in only 1 hour. The extensions are lightweight, reusable 3 or 4 times and completely undetectable once applied. The adhesive strips offer permanent results, for the easiest option available today. There are, however, a few important details about installing them that really make a difference. This is why you need to let our BOÎTE A COUPE technicians apply them for you.

Description: Each tape-in hair extension features a 1-inch adhesive strip.  A thin strand of hair is placed between 2 strips, which are then fastened together to hold the extension firmly in place and prevent contact with water for maximum hold. Your hair will need to be washed with a good clarifying shampoo before installing the extensions in order to remove all traces of oil and styling products.

Installation and Care: Never apply conditioner or oil to the roots of your hair, since this could loosen the adhesive strip. Wait at least 48 hours after application before washing your hair to ensure long-term hold. Please note that due to hair growth, your extensions will come down and need to be repositioned every 2 to 2½ months. Tape-in extensions must be removed with a special solvent. To dry your hair, run your fingers through it and let it air dry (no blow dryer). Do not comb when wet.

Keratin and Polymer Extensions

Keratin and polymer extensions (also called hot fusion extensions) are individual glue-tipped strands of hair applied to natural hair with a fusion iron. This type of pre-bonded application was one of the first techniques to be used. The number of strands you need depends on the volume you want or whether you are simply looking to add highlights.

Keratin extensions are not recommended for very fine hair, since proper attachment requires a minimum amount of hair to avoid weighing down your natural hair. Fine to medium thick hair is suitable since hair density will match that of the extension.

Description: Extensions pre-bonded with keratin or polymer.

Polymer extensions are more solid, transparent and pleasant to wear. Their installation method differs from keratin extensions. They need to be applied with greater care, but provide longer wear. They do not cause a burning sensation on the fingers when applied. The use of a scalp protector is necessary to prevent damage from the fusion iron.

Installation and Care: Hair will need to be washed with a clarifying shampoo prior to application to keep the extensions from slipping. Oil and conditioner must not come into contact with the roots of your hair. Never run the flat iron over the glue bonds, since this could melt the bond and create knots at the scalp.

Approximately 80 to 200 strands are needed and you will naturally lose a few strands during the first weeks.

A special fusion iron is needed to provide the right amount of heat for the proper installation of the extensions. A special solvent and removal pliers are needed to take out the extensions. They last 3 months to a year with proper care. As with all techniques, they will need to be repositioned every 2 to 3 months due to hair growth.

Weft Extensions

Weft extensions are long strips of hair that can be cut according to your needs. There are four different methods of installation:

  • Convert them to clip-in extensions by sewing the clips to the strip that have been cut in different sizes. We can provide a pattern for you to follow. We sell clips individually.
  • Use them as braids (sewn, braided extensions). We make 3 or 4 small horizontal French braids at the root of your hair and integrate the synthetic hair (for more hold). We then sew the weft strips to the braids, for solid hold and completely invisible results.
  • At our salon, our hair technician can pre-roll the weft into 100-150 strands. These strands can be applied with hair cylinders or keratin tips to client.
  • The Boîte à Coupe offers an exclusive, affordable and fast installation technique known as the ‘’beaded weft.” We use hair cylinders to fix hair strips on client’s head.
  • Another Boîte à Coupe exclusive is the SAMOURA technique, a hot fusion, strand-by-strand method of installation. A honey-based glue is applied with our special tool to bond any type of extension. This method is suitable for all hair types. The bonds are much smaller than the keratin type, making them completely undetectable, even in the finest hair.

If you have questions regarding any of our techniques, feel free to write or call us at 418 832-2232. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

Microbeads and Double Loops

Microbeads are pre-rolled, strand-by-strand extensions inserted in a tiny bead with a strand of your own hair. The bead (or ring) is then squeezed shut with special hair tool. With this discreet cold fusion method, you can reuse the extensions 3 to 4 times, if you have the right hair type.

The double loop approach is based on the same principle, but instead of beads, tiny loops with the pre-installed extensions are applied to strands of your own hair. The hair is pulled through a second time for extra strong hold from this double knot. The loop is then squeezed shut with special hair tool.


DREAMCATCHER Extensions: The world’s best!

Dreamcatcher extensions, considered the best in the world, are a revolutionary bead technique. The rubberized pre-rolled tip of the extension will not wear down over time. The bead is made of a special material that delivers incredible hold and the hair used is of outstanding quality. Only DREAMCATCHER certified salons are authorized distributors of this product. The Boîte à Coupe is proud to be one of them.

Where should I have my extensions installed?

It is important to always have your extensions installed by a professional. This makes the difference between a GOOD EXPERIENCE and a BAD EXPERIENCE.

For 25 years now, the BOÎTE A COUPE Salon and Boutique has specialized in the sale and installation of extensions of all brands using all techniques.

Our qualified technicians have trained with the best to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends. Our top-notch after-sale service and personalized advice make all the difference. Call us today for a free consultation!

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