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How do I choose my extensions?

If you have very fine and relatively thin hair, your best options are Clip-in extensions (for temporary wear) and Tape-in extensions (for permanent wear).

When we apply the strands of hair extensions we need to make sure enough hair is taken to be able to support the weight of the strand. Otherwise not doing this will cause hair fallout.

 If you have medium to coarse hair, you can use any type of extension without problem.

For very short hair, Microbeads or Double Loop extensions are not recommended. To create length, you need a significant quantity of strands (approximately 200, as the case may be). This means, of course, that the price will also be more expensive.

For thick, very short hair, we recommend the Weaving technique. Wefts are affordable and provide suitable thickness. It involves weaving (sewing) the weft (band) on 3 to 5 rows of small braids at the scalp. Results are invisible and the volume and thickness are amazing.

All these application techniques are offered by our seasoned Boîte à Coupe professionals at our Quebec City area salon.  


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  1. Great ! It’ll help me chose extensions for my girlfriend !

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